• hymn


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  • Patreon now live!

    Patreon now live!

    My Patreon is now live and updated with all of my personal releases.This music is free for everyone, and can be used in their projects, and I intend to keep it that way.However if you would like to financially support these efforts, you can do so at the Patreon, or…


  • subtoxic_sands


    _software: plugdata + cardinal + renoise_download: subtoxic_sands.wav_source: subtoxic_sands-SOURCE.zip_license: public-domain / cc0…


  • Making Game Worlds with Music – SA Game Dev Talk 2021

    Making Game Worlds with Music – SA Game Dev Talk 2021

    A talk I delivered for South Australia Game Dev Talks in 2021, focusing on compositional and technological approaches to painting a immersive video game soundtrack: …


  • No FC Magazine for June

    No FC Magazine for June

    Hi everyone, I am really sorry I wasn’t able to get time to create an issue of Freeware Creator Magazine for June. It was an incredibly busy month for me professionally and personally, and when I went to try and rush it out at the end of the month, I…


  • Pipsqueak! Kickstarter going now!

    Pipsqueak! Kickstarter going now!

    Help us make it a reality!…




    _software: csound, furnace-tracker [GBA MinMod] _download: SAVESTRM.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0…


  • Freeware Creator Magazine – MAY 2024

    Freeware Creator Magazine – MAY 2024

    Download the Magazine PDF: 2405_fcmag.pdf Official Upload of Freeware Creator Magazine – MAY 2024Celebrating quality art + tools, released for free by their creators. — May 2024 —Featuring: Ghosts I-IVNine Inch Nails[ Official Webpage ][ Free Download ] Pretty MappChristoph Rieke / Marcelo de Oliveira Rosa Prates[ Online Version ][…


  • [Text] For the Creators demoralized by AI

    [Text] For the Creators demoralized by AI

    I feel you. I had a day today, and yesterday. It never really got to me, but finally it did. I’ve seen your videos about losing your jobs to AI. I’ve seen the videos of people making money by mass-uploading AI music to Spotify. I’ve seen how OpenAI and other…


  • [Announcement] Removing my Music from Spotify, etc

    [Announcement] Removing my Music from Spotify, etc

    [Full text below] Hey, So I’ll be pulling my personal music releases from Spotify, Apple Music, and the other streaming services that Distrokid ships to in the next month or so. I’ll explain more below. You will still be able to do the following: Listen to my video game OSTs…




    _album: FOUNDCARTRIDGE04_software: csound, furnace-tracker [GBA MinMod]_download: DFRGAUTO.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0…




    _album: FOUNDCARTRIDGE04 _software: furnace-tracker [GBA MinMod], vital-synth, supercollider, fl-studio _download: DISKEDIT.wav_source: DISKEDIT-SOURCE.zip_license: public-domain / cc0…


  • [Research] Musical Automation in the Australian Games Industry: A Comparative Study of Adaptive Audio and Generative Music in Game Development

    [Research] Musical Automation in the Australian Games Industry: A Comparative Study of Adaptive Audio and Generative Music in Game Development

    This multi-faceted research project aims to gain a finger on the pulse of the current effects of automation and AI in the video game music industry, as well as offer one technology aiming to “democratize” music-generation for Game Designers, without removing Composers from the picture.


  • xx-starfall_island


    _software: furnace-tracker [3x gameboy] _download: xx-starfall_island.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • Freeware Creator Magazine – APR 2024

    Freeware Creator Magazine – APR 2024

    Celebrating quality art + tools, released for free by their creators. Read, links, and download at:…


  • 03-station_hidden_market


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: station_hidden_market.wav _source: _music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • feylon_reactor


    _software: vcv-rack + renoise + reaper _download: feylon_reactor.wav _source: feylon_reactor – _music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • snowfield_of_angelmechs


    _software: reaper + cardinal + surge-xt _download: snowfield_of_angelmechs.wav _source: snowfield_of_angelmechs – _music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 02-eban_troupe_caravan


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: eban_troupe_caravan.wav _source: eban_troupe_caravan – _music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • Freeware Creator Magazine – MAR 2024

    Freeware Creator Magazine – MAR 2024

    I’m very excited to announce the first issue of Freeware Creator Magazine is now available! quality art + tools, released for free by their creators. — March 2024 —Featuring: G.M.C.1Keijiro Takahashi[ Full Album Video ][ Keijiro Takahashi ] Canvas CycleEffect Games + Mark J. Ferrari[ Canvas Cycle ][ Effect Games’…


  • 01-misty_grave_mountain


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: misty_grave_mountain.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • Game Soundtracks page live!

    Game Soundtracks page live!

    You can now see the video games that I have been making music for. Just click “Game OSTs” at the top of the site!…


  • 00-ursurpers_fortress_of_bones


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: ursurpers_fortress_of_bones.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • Album Release: minimal_worlds

    Album Release: minimal_worlds

    minimal_worlds full album is now available for download!…


  • sea_of_symbols


    _software: renoise + vcv + cardinal + reaper _download: sea_of_symbols.wav _source: sea_of_symbols – SOURCE _music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 07-broken_window


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 07-broken_window.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 06-golden_battletrain


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 06-golden_battletrain.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 05-selenas_field


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 05-selenas_field.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 04-mt_solace


    _software: renoise [gb samples recorded from furnace tracker] _download: 04-mt_solace.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 03-pneumasprite_pond


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 03-pneumasprite_pond.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 02-tower_of_vera


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 02-tower_of_vera.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 01-house_of_the_shoguns_son


    _software: furnace-tracker [gameboy] _download: 01-house_of_the_shoguns_son.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 00-alabaster_shore


    _software: dn-famitracker [2A03] _download: 00-alabaster_shore.wav _source: _license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 0x2A768-PRL | Sgt. Snout’s Puppy Emporium

    0x2A768-PRL | Sgt. Snout’s Puppy Emporium

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A768-PRL In a back corner of the town of Divha, Sgt. Snout opened an emporium for lost digital puppies found around the //PRL. Always recognizable, the sergeant wears his signature German Shepherd head and star-studded beret with pride. _download: 0x2A768-PRL.wav_source: 0x2A768-PRL-SOURCE.zip_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A757-PRL | Carthium Mines

    0x2A757-PRL | Carthium Mines

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A757-PRL While there is no actual mining of raw minerals in virtual platforms such as the //PRL, certain automated background processes have a tendency to manifest visually and become observable by the platform’s citizens. It turned out it wasn’t feasible to patch these manifestations outright, and so the…


  • 0x2A756-PRL | Phantom’s Grotto

    0x2A756-PRL | Phantom’s Grotto

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A756-PRL After deserting his creators for their weakness of character, the “Phantom” of the //PRL carved a shrine of refuge out of a monolith in the Dustlands. Unable to age like real humans, Phantom decided to spend a century away from the civilisation he could not relate to.…


  • 0x2A755-PRL | Sirivia Dome Lobby

    0x2A755-PRL | Sirivia Dome Lobby

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A755-PRL While Racing is the most popular sport in the physical world, inside the //PRL the trading chip game, Fivemasters, has empassioned the hearts of the citizens. Its name comes from the five core Energies which the game’s Program Chips belong to: Force, Growth, Electron, Shell, and Flow.…


  • 0x2A754-ii-PRL | Cricket Garden (Page 2)

    0x2A754-ii-PRL | Cricket Garden (Page 2)

    The //PRL influences creations in the physical world, as much as the other way around. For example, the Cricket Garden caught the eye of one of The Weave’s most established concert pianists, Lyna Wish. So inspired by what she called the “Magic Dance of the Crickets,” she wrote an entire…


  • 0x2A754-PRL | Cricket Garden

    0x2A754-PRL | Cricket Garden

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A754-PRL The creatures that roam the //PRL are actually source-transparent AI, and so anyone can theoretically copy, refine and extend them. While there have been a few incidents of malicious actors trying to create bioweapons out of them, the open-code nature means that the overwhelming majority can develop…


  • 0x2A753-PRL | Substrate Tachyon Station

    0x2A753-PRL | Substrate Tachyon Station

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A753-PRL Being a digital platform, many people think that engineering the //PRL is all about writing lines of code. The truth is that many years ago it reached a level of complexity where its own internal physics had to be considered and integrated with the physics of the…


  • 0x2A752-PRL | David’s Hill

    0x2A752-PRL | David’s Hill

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A752-PRL On a small green hill in the Valley of Memories, a grave sits under a tree with the name David on it. No other information is known. _download: 0x2A752-PRL-Davids-Hill.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A751-PRL | Rust Village

    0x2A751-PRL | Rust Village

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A751-PRL In the extended Divha Industrial Zone, a village was built to support the local manufacturing workforce. With the sweeping shutdowns of factories and most jobs lost, the village is now abandoned (at least on paper). In truth, a few people still choose to hang around the rust-coloured…


  • 0x2A750-PRL | Taiko’s Digi-Wear Shop

    0x2A750-PRL | Taiko’s Digi-Wear Shop

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A750-PRL There are a series of hubs throughout the //PRL which act as town squares, general markets, libraries and other common purposes for its digital citizens. The hub Sirivia contains an exciting marketplace of wearable mods to make day-to-day life more streamlined. Taiko, known equally for his eccentricity…


  • 0x2A74F-PRL | Window Factory

    0x2A74F-PRL | Window Factory

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74F-PRL An abandoned factory sits on the outskirts of //PRL’s Industrial Town of Divha. Built as part of one business’ short-lived venture in manufacturing digital aesthetics, it gets its name from the company’s line of custom-made windows for digital construction. The factory remains standing and empty – one…


  • 0x2A767-PRL | Lost Starmap 7

    0x2A767-PRL | Lost Starmap 7

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A767-PRL One of the twelve mysterious Starmaps hidden around the //PRL. Discovered in an abandoned house in the Rust Village. _download: 0x2A767-PRL.wav_source: 0x2A767-PRL-SOURCE.zip_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A766-PRL | Options 1

    0x2A766-PRL | Options 1

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A766-PRL This Options menu code was excavated on the outskirts of the //PRL‘s port town of Sirivia. _download: 0x2A766-PRL.wav_source: 0x2A766-PRL-SOURCE.zip_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A765 | The Iron Rose

    0x2A765 | The Iron Rose

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A765 Beyond the Deadlands lays a metal city cradled by high cliffs, called The Iron Rose. It was founded 180 years ago by Felix Stow, a state-sponsored engineer who was running from government persecution. Felix’s modular construction techniques led to incredibly rapid development. Even with the small number…


  • 0x2A764-ii | Deadlands Forest Shrine II

    0x2A764-ii | Deadlands Forest Shrine II

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A764-ii Buried underground in the north-east of the Deadlands, a second shrine contains a ceaseless network of gearwork automatons. The hip-height machines are tied to the time of day, and control various objects, platforms, and doors throughout the shrine. This means that the ambitious treasure hunter will need…


  • 0x2A764 | Deadlands Forest Shrine

    0x2A764 | Deadlands Forest Shrine

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A764 Ardune is not known for its vibrant flora. Perhaps the Deadlands especially reflect this, where moistureless air makes it very hard for anything to grow. Yet, one species of Stonetree does seem to survive throughout the area, defying current understanding of plants’ need for hydration. Without the…


  • 0x2A763-ii | Mineborg Techroom

    0x2A763-ii | Mineborg Techroom

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A763-ii The backroom of Zen’s Workshop is something of an open secret. His cybernetics work raised the interests of the Illika Union many years ago and has become their primary partner for mine-worker augmentation. The Techroom itself is dimly lit, illuminated mainly by the orange and blue screens…


  • 0x2A763 | Zen’s Cyborg Workshop

    0x2A763 | Zen’s Cyborg Workshop

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A763 Zen is old, eccentric and much-loved across Ardune. Considered the top cybernetics engineer on the planet, he runs his program out of the same workshop that his career started in. Whether it is ocular transplant refocusing or neural booster-node retrieval, Zen and his apprentices make the job…


  • 0x2A762 | Bacchus’ Empty Comet

    0x2A762 | Bacchus’ Empty Comet

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A762 Bacchus was a mysterious and charming woman who crash-landed on pre-treaty Ardune inside a small comet. Starting out as an “invading enemy of the state”, Bacchus was able to quickly disarm concerns, constantly repeating that she had absolutely no recollection of who she was before the crash…


  • 0x2A761 | Datastream Terminal Hub 14

    0x2A761 | Datastream Terminal Hub 14

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A761 One of the Datastream Terminal Hubs in Ardune’s Red Moon Quarry was shattered open during a terrible accident while Maintenance was attempting to repair the 80-year-old protective casing. The official Illika Union announcement stated that, unfortunately, all workers were instantly vaporised and so the terminal had to…


  • 0x2A760 | Digital Wisp Corridor

    0x2A760 | Digital Wisp Corridor

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A760 Within the Red Moon Quarry is a series of passageways leading to the Datastream Terminals. Ageing infrastructure struggles to fully contain the very-high-energy communications streams, and so on the rare occasion miners have reported witnessing flickering blue lifeforms gliding through the air. After years of dismissed folk-tales,…


  • 0x2A75F | Red Moon Quarry

    0x2A75F | Red Moon Quarry

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75F The Red Moon Quarry is one of many goliath quarries sprawled across and under the surface of Ardune. The deep red hue comes from the variant of copper ore that is found exclusively on the planet. Ardune’s moons are actually closer to white than red, but the…


  • 0x2A75E | Windsweep Pillar

    0x2A75E | Windsweep Pillar

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75E A great sculpture-tower sits at the edge of the Cliffs of Windsweep: a 3-tier wooden structure, painted red, and a great glass pendulum swinging as the valley winds pass through. It is said that no matter the stresses going on in one’s life, an afternoon at the…


  • 0x2A75C-ii | Jungled Carcass of Seasweeper1

    0x2A75C-ii | Jungled Carcass of Seasweeper1

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75C-ii Rejid Engineering has never publicly disclosed what happened to their first Cloudcrawler. Though in an interview with Syn Dalos, an anonymous ex-employee explained that Seasweeper1 initially vanished out of contact after exploring the deep-cloud-ocean Seeder Caves. The strange thing is that its communications relay seemingly re-activated 7…


  • 0x2A75B-ii | Reactor under the Pharos

    0x2A75B-ii | Reactor under the Pharos

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75B-ii The Colossus Project requires enormous amounts of energy to sustain its research and development. One of Sigmir’s more secretive projects is the huge reactor facility built beneath the Pharos of Silent Lightning. The general public would never have greenlit the project given the Pharos’ religious significance, but…


  • 0x2A75D | Radio Tower of Orphenn

    0x2A75D | Radio Tower of Orphenn

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75D Orphenn is a small hamlet in the north of Sigmir’s east island, Sentrus. Initially it was a thriving community of engineers and their families, but most have left over the years to commit themselves to Sigmir’s Colossus Project. What remains is a population of no more than…


  • 0x2A75C | Seasweeper2 Observation Pod

    0x2A75C | Seasweeper2 Observation Pod

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75C Sigmir’s cloud oceans are filled with mysteries. As technology evolved on the planet, small submarine type vehicles emerged, called Cloudcrawlers, with the single purpose of exploring these mysteries. The Seasweeper line of crawlers are developed by Rejid Engineering, a small team of generational engineers. These vehicles were…


  • 0x2A75B | Pharos of Silent Lightning

    0x2A75B | Pharos of Silent Lightning

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75B A gigantic lighthouse, a pharos, stands watching the Great Coast on Sigmir. As the stormy planet has no liquid seas, but rather swirling oceans of clouds, the ships it surveys range from those diving in from space to the Cloudcrawlers which emerge from below. The Pharos itself…


  • RC-CRS-I-4 | Solar Grove

    RC-CRS-I-4 | Solar Grove

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-4  Fourth location listed in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries: “Solar Grove: Deep inside the Navigor Jungle on Gardenia is an open grove. Though the circuit around its perimeter is small, it is still a great cruising option if you’re ever on the planet. While there is some small scale…


  • RC-CRS-I-3 | Orange Avenue

    RC-CRS-I-3 | Orange Avenue

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-3 Third location listed in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries: “Orange Avenue: Long stretch of vibrant market in Saphna’s capital. The name comes from the orange outfits that all the vendors on this specific stretch wear. Slow cruising along the main stretch there is great. Even though it always raining…


  • RC-CRS-I-2 | Sandtitan Tunnels

    RC-CRS-I-2 | Sandtitan Tunnels

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-2 Second location named in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries: “Sandtitan Tunnels: Huge tunnel-network left by ‘Sandtitans’ – goliath beetle-like machines created to survey and excavate rare minerals from beneath the Ourosian deserts. With enough reflex practice, the sudden fork-road decisions put you into a kind of meditative trance. Ending…


  • RC-CRS-I-1 | Septr

    RC-CRS-I-1 | Septr

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-1 First location named in Aster Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:“Septr: Blue-purple dwarf moon floating without a parent. Hollow mountains and deep atmosphere which makes it look like it’s always late dusk. Perfect cruise for clearing your head.” As Delfin’s racing career progressed, he became something of a media personality…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-6 | Botanic Fields Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-6 | Botanic Fields Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-6 Beyond the Graveyard of Ships, tucked away in rarely touched desert hill-lands, is a lush oasis called The Botanic Fields. While this level of vegetation shouldn’t exist on an arid planet such as Ouros, it is thanks to the research and transplantation from Gardenia that have created…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-5 | Sandwalker Crater Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-5 | Sandwalker Crater Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-5 The road through the Dust Tunnel bore into the side of the Sarajji Mountains comes out to a large open cradle nested by the mountains. At the centre of this cradle is a huge crater from a meteoric impact ten thousand years ago. According to legend, this…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-4 | Graveyard of Ships Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-4 | Graveyard of Ships Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-4 The fourth race of the Sands of Ouros Cup (Season XIV) takes place in what was known as Ekka’s Teeth long ago. This old name came from the harsh rockforms piercing out of the ground towards the sky and its providence under Sandwalker Ekka (also called The…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-3 | Whitesands Night Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-3 | Whitesands Night Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-3 The third race of the Sands of Ouros Cup is a night race weaving through the outskirt suburbs of Salanth, out into the open Whitesands and ending at the Shrine of Zadra. The Whitesands get their colour from the dust blown off the Sarajji Mountains to the…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-2 | The Vastness Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-2 | The Vastness Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-2 Race 2 of this season’s Sands of Ouros cup takes place in the sprawling and seemingly infinite desert called “The Vastness” by the locals. Dunes rise and fall through these lands. If you look to the horizon, you may glint Mephora nomad encampments close to geological landmarks…


  • RC-SOO-XVI-1 | Blacksand Beaches Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-1 | Blacksand Beaches Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-1 Welcome to Season XVI of the Sands of Ouros Cup! This Racer Competition takes place on the desert planet Ouros. While for most of the year Ouros is peaceful, the end-of-year sandstorms have been known to shred transport ships out of the sky. The sands of Ouros…


  • 0x2A74E | Repeater Babo

    0x2A74E | Repeater Babo

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74E Repeater Satellite Babo orbits the fortress planet, Helena. It was originally designed as a relay station for military intelligence, but after the Hermus Treaty brought an end to war in The Weave, it was reconfigured for civilian-facing radio. It occasionally gets hijacked for pirate radio broadcasts, though…


  • 0x2A74D | Azurus Biochain

    0x2A74D | Azurus Biochain

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74D The Azurus Biochain is the name given to a series of research facilities, all specialised in the genetic modification of plants. These facilities are all independently owned, but operated without contention or competition between them. The key to this peace is a Triangular Trade style system, where…


  • 0x2A74C | Repeater Amon

    0x2A74C | Repeater Amon

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74C Twenty-six Repeater Satellites hang throughout The Weave’s space, absorbing transmissions from stations such as Radio Fusayne and re-broadcasting them so they can be heard from the system’s deepest corners. They are fully autonomous, but can be boarded for maintenance and upgrades. The first were created on Pentura,…


  • 0x2A74B | Windfields of Leviathan

    0x2A74B | Windfields of Leviathan

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74B Leviathan is a planet with multiple deep histories amongst its several cultural lineages. Megira Orion, for example, was a man originally from Raluhde who ended up forging a strong friendship with Matriarch Patria and the rest of the Sun Cave Village, and forming a cultural bridge. However,…


  • 0x2A74A | Radio Fusayne

    0x2A74A | Radio Fusayne

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A74A Radio Fusayne is a nichely popular Satellite Radio Station broadcasting across The Weave. The station specializes in minimal dance beats and is hosted by the high-energy, highly distractable, and occasionally philosophical Jees Mundo. Like most Satellite Stations, it isn’t locked to any single planet’s orbit, but tends…


  • 0x2A749 | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A749 | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A749 [³⁴⁷¹]he temple to the Twin Gods on Hermus no longer sta[₄₅₈₁] [⁵²⁰⁰]ho can follow in their dual footsteps when half the popula[₆₃₅₃] [⁷¹⁵¹]gh today, their deep devotion and spirituality has transfor[₉₁₄₀] ERR[028]:ENTRY_INCOMPLETE _download: 21-0x2A749-discovery_fragment.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A748 The micro-planet Sanctuary got its name after it was originally settled as a safe-haven from the displaced Indigenous peoples of Ardune. Under their leadership of Faeru zun Nabul it looked to be a healthy restart after the First Ardunian’s tragic refugeeship. Unfortunately, the swirling black swamps on…


  • 0x2A747-ii | Hyperway Station Construction Zone (Page 2)

    0x2A747-ii | Hyperway Station Construction Zone (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A747-ii While the site is still under construction and officially off-bounds, it is a favourite for unofficial races between rival Racer pilots. Corridors of huge spiralling fusion turbines provide expert-level obstacles. The station’s neon-lined circuit-like structure can make you wonder if the Relatech architects built a capacity for…


  • 0x2A747 | Hyperway Station Construction Zone

    0x2A747 | Hyperway Station Construction Zone

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A747 The Relatech Hyperway Station will be the core node in the Stellar Hyperway Network for “jumping” between planetary locations. Owned by Relatech Industries, the station is currently under construction. While the site is officially off-bounds, it is known as an active hotspot for unofficial races. The East…


  • 0x2A746 | radio_intercept

    0x2A746 | radio_intercept

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A746 RADIOLOG-10164: Radio intercepted from a Racer-class vehicle after an unofficial race on Ouros’ moon, Dendora. More information to come. _download: 17-0x2A746-radio_intercept.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A738-ii | Threadwalkers Tour Club (Page 2)

    0x2A738-ii | Threadwalkers Tour Club (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A738-ii When the Threadwalkers first established their own interstellar radio network, the first message broadcast from the HQ at the Tour Club on Pentura said the following: “Hello fellow Threadwalkers! If you are hearing this, then our new Interstellar Radio Network is live! This will make it possible…


  • 0x2A745-PRL | Firebloom Academy

    0x2A745-PRL | Firebloom Academy

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A745-PRL Firebloom Academy is a digital religious school in the //PRL. It is known for its beautiful gardens, its use of modern technology when compared to most physical-world religious institutes, and that its students all wear military-style Firebloom uniforms. It is only just over two decades old and…


  • 0x2A744 | Tomb of Zilst

    0x2A744 | Tomb of Zilst

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A744 Zilst, The Caravan Builder, was born on Leviathan, but spent large portions of his life on Ouros with the other Sandwalker Spirits. Zilst’s tomb (which is built into the side of Mt Duskfire’s base) was also one of the stops made by Ambrenna ra’Syrese on his own…


  • 0x2A72B-iii | Salanth Town Gardens (Page 3)

    0x2A72B-iii | Salanth Town Gardens (Page 3)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72B-iii The people of Salanth were shocked to hear about the tragic death of Rejja in a crash during the Graveyard of Ships race. He had been racing in the IRF championships before most of them were born. How someone with that much racing experience could be the…


  • 0x2A743 | discovery_fragment

    0x2A743 | discovery_fragment

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A743 [⁰⁴²¹] built between Rejja and Zadra on the outskirts of The Vastness [₁₃₁₈] [²¹⁰¹] were inseparable, and the Sylph Outpost quickly became their [₂₇₈₂] [⁴²³³] watch the Ourosian birds together to get away from it all. ERR[028]:ENTRY_INCOMPLETE _download: 12-0x2A743-discovery_fragment.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0 …


  • 0x2A742-ii | Magma Refinery (Page 2)

    0x2A742-ii | Magma Refinery (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A742-ii Humans and androids live and work together equally on Pyron, but they don’t see themselves as separate. Human-born modify themselves with Plates, Genetic or other pragmatic Mods and become increasingly bioengineered. Android-born will often spend their earnings on sensory and emotional simulation upgrades to increase their depth…


  • 0x2A742 | Magma Refinery

    0x2A742 | Magma Refinery

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A742 The volcanic planet of Pyron is webbed with meshes of Magma Refineries. Due to the intense temperatures, these refineries are staffed by an equal mixture of fully autonomous androids and humans with heat-resistant Plate Mods synthesised from volcanic rock. Long ago the Pyronese discovered that the energy…


  • 0x2A741-ii | Shrine of Zadra (Page 2)

    0x2A741-ii | Shrine of Zadra (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A741-ii During one of Ouros’ Double Eclipses, Fiilo of the Mephora was visiting the Shrine of Zadra when she swore she saw Zadra alive and in the flesh – except his hair was pale white and his robes dark and tattered. It turned out that this was one…


  • 0x2A741 | Shrine of Zadra

    0x2A741 | Shrine of Zadra

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A741 The final resting place of Zadra Usova, one of the five “Old Masters” of Racing. Working as a builder in Salanth until his late 20s, he had the opportunity to become the next reincarnation of The Caravan Builder, due to his friendship and training with the Zilst…


  • 0x2A740 | The Falling Palace

    0x2A740 | The Falling Palace

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A740 The Falling Palace is an artificial floating platform housing the Royal Castle of Saphna and surrounding markets. It gets its name from the liquid style of architecture which draws inspiration from Saphna’s own endless rains. Its markets are open to the general public every Saturday. Otherwise, it…


  • 0x2A73F-PRL | //PRL Lobby (0A)

    0x2A73F-PRL | //PRL Lobby (0A)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73F-PRL The Parallel (stylized as //PRL) is the digital world that most people in The Weave happily log into each day. Each person has their own single avatar that is generated for them at birth, and so it becomes nothing less than a part of their core identity.…


  • 0x2A73E | Myra Megafortress Ruins

    0x2A73E | Myra Megafortress Ruins

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73E The Myra Megafortress is a now-defunct artificially intelligent combat fortress designed and operated by the Myra Defense Union (MDU). For years the fortress was seen as a terrifying and invincible behemoth of battle. After its 6-year-long design and construction and 3-and-a-half years of combat operation, the AI…


  • 0x2A72B-ii | Salanth Town Gardens (Page 2)

    0x2A72B-ii | Salanth Town Gardens (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72B-ii The main gardener at the Salanth Town Gardens was a man named Rejja. He was quiet, polite, and yet a determined older man. Despite his age, he also raced in the IRF with his Racer: Jherop Phantom. While he never won a championship, he was considered genuine…


  • 0x2A73D | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A73D | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73D [⁶²⁷⁰]he Wooden Castle still stands by the swamp and has become a popular tourist destination despite it not being officially open to the public. It’s not clear what became of Danesh, though there is some speculation of resemblance of Dunam Project Four designs and his archit[₈₃₄₀] ERR[028]:ENTRY_INCOMPLETE…


  • 0x2A73C | Double Prism Ark

    0x2A73C | Double Prism Ark

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73C There is an artificial double-comet speculated to be a galactic art piece, though it is still not known who created it. As the two crystal prisms rotate around a central axis, they take in the light from all the interstellar bodies around it and refract it back…


  • 0x2A73B | Gestalt Canals

    0x2A73B | Gestalt Canals

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73B Underground Pentura City is a network of canals used for industrial transport to free up the streets for public use. While the layout largely mirrors the streets above, there are many additional connections and warehouse hubs – a large number are locked away and never made it…


  • 0x2A73A | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A73A | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73A [²⁰⁵⁷] said that the Ashfall Mountain was the last safe space left on Sanctuary [₄₆₂₈] ERR[028]:ENTRY_INCOMPLETE _download: 20-0x2A73A-discovery_fragment.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A739 | Mountain Town of Urnh

    0x2A739 | Mountain Town of Urnh

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A739 Nestled in the mountains, watching over the south-west Penturan seas, there is a small town named Urnh. Populated mainly by a dozen and a half Indigenous Penturan families, they choose to keep to themselves. As such, Urnh’s culture is distinct and very different from the more visible…


  • 0x2A738 | Threadwalkers Tour Club

    0x2A738 | Threadwalkers Tour Club

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A738 Thank you for exploring the Datapedia. We usually wouldn’t put a personal entry in here, but it sincerely means the world to us that you have taken the time to explore The Weave with us. In some ways the Datapedia was inevitable as it is the culmination…


  • 0x2A737-ii | Shoji Satellite (Page 2)

    0x2A737-ii | Shoji Satellite (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A737-ii Shoji IV (also known as “The Architect,” or simply “Shoji”) is the CEO of the Interstellar Racer Federation (IRF). She inherited the IRF and the Shoji dynasty at 9 years old when her family (including her father, Shoji III) were killed in the Sunset Hotel Tragedy on…


  • 0x2A737 | Shoji Satellite

    0x2A737 | Shoji Satellite

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A737 The Shoji Satellite Markets, which are run from the lower deck of the satellite, are considered an essential market for any Racer pilot. It draws pilots, mechanics, merchants and corporations to buy and sell anything from small parts to entire Racers. Officially, the markets only accept Racer…


  • 0x2A730-ii | Helix Seacaves (Page 2)

    0x2A730-ii | Helix Seacaves (Page 2)

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A730-ii Ishak Tail is best known as pilot of Lumina Podsnake in the IRF League One. Though he also happens to be Second-Brother at the Helix Seacaves Lab. Being part of the first generation of Helixites born on Azurus rather than migrating from Saphna, he sees the ocean…


  • 0x2A736 | Dunam Magnarail Station

    0x2A736 | Dunam Magnarail Station

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A736 Dunam is one of the larger colony districts in South Pentura, though it is dwarfed in size by Pentura City north of the equator. Few Dunami citizens have reason to visit the capital (other than the rare holiday they are able to afford there). Those who do…


  • 0x2A735 | UDA Azurus

    0x2A735 | UDA Azurus

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A735 A small office made of 3 fused transport containers on the western blade of the Azurus Biochain. A fourth container was recently added to serve as a training room. Though humble, the interior mirrors the sleek modern look and equipment of any other United Defense Alliance (UDA)…


  • 0x2A734 | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A734 | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A734 [⁰⁴²⁷] a bronze-woven lighthouse full of gilded mechanical clocks. It has been noted that inside this lighthouse, the flow of ti[₁₄₆₃] [²⁵⁷¹]cept all of the keepers have appeared to look similar over the last four genera[₄₂₆₁] [⁷¹⁴⁰]where they tend to make an appearance at the Chronos Cup…


  • 0x2A733 | Cedarwood High Clubrooms

    0x2A733 | Cedarwood High Clubrooms

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A733 Cedarwood High was not the most prestigious Racing Speciality School, but there have been a few known Racer champions who studied there. One thing they have all said in common is that their commitment to racing was solidified in the clubrooms, where senior students would spend their…


  • 0x2A732 | The Asteroid Monotora

    0x2A732 | The Asteroid Monotora

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A732 The asteroid named Monotora is one of the youngest and smallest of the Ore Titans, though it is still 16.3 kilometres across. A huge rust-red mining base sits planted into one of its blue-grey craters. This base is the communal home of drone excavators from several usually…


  • 0x2A731 | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A731 | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A731 [¹⁷¹⁶]nternally as the Gamma Zone due to it being the primary location of research for the Gamma Project. As its generators slowly power down, the lab’s once warm lighting grows di[₃₂₇₁] [⁴⁶³⁸]luding Rufus, the head scientist, and Ryon Jr, being the last two remaining at t[₆₁₇₀] [⁶⁵⁷²]ith…


  • 0x2A730 | Helix Seacaves

    0x2A730 | Helix Seacaves

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A730 The first lab on Azurus was built into a deep cave network by the Helix monk-scientists of Saphna. It lacks doors and operates entirely underwater – the researchers instead choose to wear air-tight mobility suits for oxygen. While its waters hang suspended in a pitch-dark blue glow…


  • 0x2A72F | IRF Outpost

    0x2A72F | IRF Outpost

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72F The Interstellar Racer Federation (or IRF) discovered that its broadcasting of races through courses across The Weave is actually a highly effective way to promote diplomatic relations and tourism between all societies. These races often go into natural and traditionally important areas, and so the Federation enforces…


  • 0x2A72E | Henri’s Tiny Cafe

    0x2A72E | Henri’s Tiny Cafe

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72E On Antarcticus, there is a tiny cafe run out of the converted back-room of the owner’s apartment. Despite its humble size and appearance, the meticulously designed coffee and cakes on Henri’s own rotating menu are incredible. This menu, combined with the Tiny Cafe’s ability to warmly shield…


  • 0x2A72D | Fuchsia Road

    0x2A72D | Fuchsia Road

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72D Fuchsia Road is the name given to a long spatial stream from Azurus to Ardune, morphing and winding around the cometoids in between. It is one of the most popular trade routes in The Weave and one of the earliest Pacifist Zones recorded. The name comes from…


  • 0x2A72C | Star Igniters Team Base

    0x2A72C | Star Igniters Team Base

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72C There is a team of Racer Pilots from Ardune called “The Star Igniters,” though they are more widely known for their adventures as treasure hunters. Although their leader, Toris, has failed to win a single Racer championship, his energy remains burning as bright as their name. The…


  • 0x2A72B | Salanth Town Gardens

    0x2A72B | Salanth Town Gardens

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72B The sprawling gardens are the icon of Salanth Town on Ouros. While the engineering of the hydroponics on such a dry desert planet are a marvel in themselves, the locals enjoy them for warm and easy Sundays. _download: 03-0x2A72B-Salanth-Town-Gardens.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A72A | Dunam Sunset Towers

    0x2A72A | Dunam Sunset Towers

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A72A The towers in the Dunam district in South Pentura have been left half-constructed after the government last changed power. It’s not clear if building will be resumed, but the roofs of the empty towers make for a great vantage point to watch the sunset. _download: 02-0x2A72A-Dunam-Sunset-Towers.wav_music-license: public-domain…


  • 0x2A729 | Abandoned Genoti Lab

    0x2A729 | Abandoned Genoti Lab

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A729 This abandoned lab hides deep in the ocean of Azurus, yet disconnected from the main Biochain. It was owned by the wealthy Genoti Family, though the father-and-son moguls haven’t been seen in quite some time. _download: 01-0x2A729-Abandoned-Genoti-Lab.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…


  • 0x2A728 | City of the Leviathan

    0x2A728 | City of the Leviathan

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A728 The Myth of Ios tells the story of an explorer named Ios who felt called by The Leviathan while resting at Lake Aria, and began a journey to seek and understand the deity. Roughly mirroring the ideological evolution of representation of The Leviathan in actual history, the…


  • 0x2A727 | Forgotten Shrine in the Forest

    0x2A727 | Forgotten Shrine in the Forest

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A727 Deep within Rachel’s Weave, up on the west peak of Mount Reus, stands the ruins of an ancient chapel-shrine. The prevailing theory is that the shrine was built by the Ela civilization. As the Ela had disappeared before recorded history on Leviathan, it is the engravings of…


  • 0x2A726 | Orion’s Geology Workshop

    0x2A726 | Orion’s Geology Workshop

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A726 Megira Orion appears in much of Leviathan’s recorded history as his expertise in geology helped forge a strong relationship with Matriarch Patria of the Sun Cave Village, and his wind-powered precursors to today’s Racers were what kicked off the Orion Wind Cup in Leviathan’s Windfields in the…


  • 0x2A725 | Moon Cave

    0x2A725 | Moon Cave

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A725 The second of the two Soul Trials. Contrasting with the Trial of Skypole Gorge, the Moon Cave is a trial of the mind and spirit. Being a secondary cave hidden within the depths of the Sun Cave Village, beyond where the refracted sun rays can reach, its…


  • 0x2A724 | Skypole Gorge

    0x2A724 | Skypole Gorge

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A724 The first of the two Soul Trials of the Sun Cave Village is one of physical agility and endurance. The Soul Trials are designed to prove the discipline of those seeking the culture’s “Great Mystical Experience”. The Skypole Gorge trial consists of an obstacle course where one…


  • 0x2A723 | Sun Cave Village

    0x2A723 | Sun Cave Village

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A723 One theory about the Ela people is that they split into two separate groups after a great schism of cultural values. One half were said to turn to a fully nomadic lifestyle and have since become the Ru-Shi. The other half are said to have resettled in…


  • 0x2A722 | Rachel’s Weave

    0x2A722 | Rachel’s Weave

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A722 The dense forest that grows from Lake Aria’s south side is called Rachel’s Weave, named after a well known folk-tale of the area. In this tale a young woman, named Rachel, went to search for her lost lover who had been exiled to the forest after her…


  • 0x2A721 | Lake Aria

    0x2A721 | Lake Aria

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A721 Lake Aria is a stillwater lake which appeared as a key location in much of the planet Leviathan’s early mythology. The gargantuan Leviathan deity was said to have been born deep in the waters of Lake Aria. The fact that today we also call the planet by…