0x2A761 | Datastream Terminal Hub 14

Datapedia ID: 0x2A761

One of the Datastream Terminal Hubs in Ardune’s Red Moon Quarry was shattered open during a terrible accident while Maintenance was attempting to repair the 80-year-old protective casing. The official Illika Union announcement stated that, unfortunately, all workers were instantly vaporised and so the terminal had to be completely sealed off.

The same team who captured video of the adjoining corridor’s digital wisps undertook a covert investigation into the state of Terminal 14. Managing to drill a hole through several walls and send a small camera drone in, the feed was corrupted the moment it entered the room. The drone was believed lost. It was only days later while the team was attempting to ping the drone’s address across the Datastream that it turned up again. Only, the drone was no longer physically present in our world, but had been entirely digitized and “uploaded”.

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