Tag: Drone Robotics

  • 0x2A765 | The Iron Rose

    0x2A765 | The Iron Rose

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A765 Beyond the Deadlands lays a metal city cradled by high cliffs, called The Iron Rose. It was founded 180 years ago by Felix Stow, a state-sponsored engineer who was running from government persecution. Felix’s modular construction techniques led to incredibly rapid development. Even with the small number of friends and family who…


  • 0x2A764-ii | Deadlands Forest Shrine II

    0x2A764-ii | Deadlands Forest Shrine II

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A764-ii Buried underground in the north-east of the Deadlands, a second shrine contains a ceaseless network of gearwork automatons. The hip-height machines are tied to the time of day, and control various objects, platforms, and doors throughout the shrine. This means that the ambitious treasure hunter will need to take a few days…


  • 0x2A761 | Datastream Terminal Hub 14

    0x2A761 | Datastream Terminal Hub 14

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A761 One of the Datastream Terminal Hubs in Ardune’s Red Moon Quarry was shattered open during a terrible accident while Maintenance was attempting to repair the 80-year-old protective casing. The official Illika Union announcement stated that, unfortunately, all workers were instantly vaporised and so the terminal had to be completely sealed off. The…


  • RC-CRS-I-2 | Sandtitan Tunnels

    RC-CRS-I-2 | Sandtitan Tunnels

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-2 Second location named in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries: “Sandtitan Tunnels: Huge tunnel-network left by ‘Sandtitans’ – goliath beetle-like machines created to survey and excavate rare minerals from beneath the Ourosian deserts. With enough reflex practice, the sudden fork-road decisions put you into a kind of meditative trance. Ending up in pits of sparkling…


  • 0x2A73E | Myra Megafortress Ruins

    0x2A73E | Myra Megafortress Ruins

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73E The Myra Megafortress is a now-defunct artificially intelligent combat fortress designed and operated by the Myra Defense Union (MDU). For years the fortress was seen as a terrifying and invincible behemoth of battle. After its 6-year-long design and construction and 3-and-a-half years of combat operation, the AI in the fortress mysteriously malfunctioned,…