0x2A765 | The Iron Rose

Datapedia ID: 0x2A765

Beyond the Deadlands lays a metal city cradled by high cliffs, called The Iron Rose. It was founded 180 years ago by Felix Stow, a state-sponsored engineer who was running from government persecution.

Felix’s modular construction techniques led to incredibly rapid development. Even with the small number of friends and family who initially joined him, a robust community was sustained. Felix continued working on household inventions to make life easier for the layperson. These inventions quickly became The Rose’s biggest export back into the main Ardunian cities, and attracted further groups of engineering pilgrims to join the community.

Today, The Iron Rose is one of the most advanced cities in The Weave – and unconventional. Running with a completely flat hierarchy, there is no centralised authority, and citizens simply contribute to the growth and maintenance of the city how they can. This has led to a complex “patchwork” infrastructure, albeit still functional and constantly evolving. Culturally, Rosians maintain scepticism of the other Ardunian cities, though the city happily continues sending trade drones around the globe.

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