RC-CRS-I-2 | Sandtitan Tunnels

Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-2

Second location named in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:

“Sandtitan Tunnels: Huge tunnel-network left by ‘Sandtitans’ – goliath beetle-like machines created to survey and excavate rare minerals from beneath the Ourosian deserts. With enough reflex practice, the sudden fork-road decisions put you into a kind of meditative trance. Ending up in pits of sparkling gemstone is always a nice prize too.”

Colloquially known as “Sandtitans,” Illika Union ZER-3120s are behemoth of steel. As with all of Illika’s other current deployments, they are fully autonomous and focus on finding and excavating precious stones and minerals to feed into the luxury market. There have been conflicting reports about who first gave the Union permission to start digging on Ouros, but as they are currently sticking to the inhabitable Harpoonstorm Deserts, cradled by the Helform Mountains, tensions have not yet seemed worth pursuing.

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