0x2A75E | Windsweep Pillar

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75E

A great sculpture-tower sits at the edge of the Cliffs of Windsweep: a 3-tier wooden structure, painted red, and a great glass pendulum swinging as the valley winds pass through. It is said that no matter the stresses going on in one’s life, an afternoon at the Pillar will clear it all away.

Although the architect was unknown during his lifetime, recent forensic analysis revealed it to be Danesh Albright of Penturan fame. This discovery also revealed that after he went missing on Pentura, he was actually still architecturally active throughout The Weave. As his “date of death” has been extended at least once due to this discovery, it raises further questions about how many other structures throughout The Weave Danesh may have had a hand in.

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