0x2A741 | Shrine of Zadra

Datapedia ID: 0x2A741

The final resting place of Zadra Usova, one of the five “Old Masters” of Racing. Working as a builder in Salanth until his late 20s, he had the opportunity to become the next reincarnation of The Caravan Builder, due to his friendship and training with the Zilst of Leviathan. At the last moment, Zadra decided against becoming a Sandwalker and instead chose his truer dream of being a Racer Pilot. After a decade of disappointing losses, his experience gained finally resulted in him winning Season VII of the Flames of Pyron Cup. After this, his wins seemed to stack continuously.

Zadra continued until a near-death experience during a race in the Graveyard of Ships. The Pentallon had recently crashed there and dramatically altered the landscape from what he knew. Surviving, but losing one arm and one leg, he decided to retire from Racing and settle in The Botanic Field. After a couple brief visits to Salanth again, Zadra wasn’t seen again for decades and so it was deemed that he had finally gone to rest and the Shrine was built in his honour.

The Shrine of Zadra itself is small and made of brick composed of a mixture of sands from across Ouros. Due to this, different shades and sandy hues swirl across its walls. Torches are kept lit throughout the day and night inside. At the shrines centre sits Zadra’s own Racer, the Sickle Hawk.

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