0x2A75D | Radio Tower of Orphenn

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75D

Orphenn is a small hamlet in the north of Sigmir’s east island, Sentrus. Initially it was a thriving community of engineers and their families, but most have left over the years to commit themselves to Sigmir’s Colossus Project. What remains is a population of no more than fifteen – a population often out of touch with what is happening in the big cities, by choice.

The exception to this is Orphenn’s Radio Tower, which was the community’s largest project. The Tower still opeartes with better accuracy and range than most modern counterparts, though it is very rarely used by Orphenn’s citizens. Rather, these days it is used as a powerful repeater station by the Sigmir Signals Corps. Today the mysterious and quietly beeping tower consistently draws in Orphenn’s children as a magical place to explore.

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