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During one of Ouros’ Double Eclipses, Fiilo of the Mephora was visiting the Shrine of Zadra when she swore she saw Zadra alive and in the flesh – except his hair was pale white and his robes dark and tattered. It turned out that this was one of the creations of Rena, The Illusion. The Ghost Zadra swooped outside and hopped into a conjured phantom Racer, the Luna Reaper. This illusive vehicle looked like the shadow of the real Zadra Usova’s Sickle Hawk, yet with a shimmering white outline tracing its pitch-dark interior. Fiilo accepted the Ghost’s challenge and raced the Whitesands, now crimson in the eclipse’s light.

Though Rena was able to harness the mystic power of the Double Eclipse to conjure up such a powerful phantasm, Fiilo ultimately won the race. Rena appeared before Fiilo, attempting to use her last pools of power to create new illusions, but she had become very weak and collapsed. Fiilo pulled Rena into Silent Hyena and drove her to a doctor in Salanth. In the end, this kind deed was enough to shock Rena’s appetite for chaos and pushed her to ultimately reconsider herself. After her next pilgrimage to Sandwalker Shrine, Rena performed the Sandwalker Ritual and ejected the dark mystic energy from her body.

These days Rena only creates illusions for sanctioned IRF races. However, it appears the mystic energy did not dissipate into nothingness. There are rumours that since that first night, others have witnessed Ghost Zadra racing the deserts, tundras and abandoned areas throughout The Weave.

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