0x2A735 | UDA Azurus

Datapedia ID: 0x2A735

A small office made of 3 fused transport containers on the western blade of the Azurus Biochain. A fourth container was recently added to serve as a training room. Though humble, the interior mirrors the sleek modern look and equipment of any other United Defense Alliance (UDA) headquarters. Alongside the Barrier Spikes and Sonicwave Rifles hanging on the wall, this particular unit also utilizes mobility suits from Helix Labs further down the Biochain.

In today’s post-Hermus Treaty Weave, there is major resistance to having any form of defense force. The question of how to police and protect in a legally pacifist world is one that is still debated thoroughly. Various organisations have manifested out of different proposed solutions to this question – the most well-known being The Fractals, the UDA and Hermus’ Keep. Each organisation specializes in a different strategy of non-violent defense.

On Azurus it was the UDA who first responded to the destruction caused by a mysterious human-mirrorfish chimera several years ago. Though the planet’s populace is made up entirely of independent laboratories, there was complete agreement that they did not have the means to keep themselves safe during these rare tragedies. The UDA sent out one of their top trainers, Rukon Geo, who formed and equipped a local team with the aforementioned UDA barrier technologies. This team, though novices, were able to keep the labs of the Biochain safe until the Mirror Chimera moved on.

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