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The Myth of Ios tells the story of an explorer named Ios who felt called by The Leviathan while resting at Lake Aria, and began a journey to seek and understand the deity.

Roughly mirroring the ideological evolution of representation of The Leviathan in actual history, the myth begins with Ios experiencing it as a sense of an invisible omnipresence. The explorer then travels from Lake Aria through Rachel’s Weave, to the Sun Cave Village in the Shimmering Sands, and back into the forest where they find the the mythical City of Ela.

It is here in the ancient and abandoned city that Ios finally encounters The Leviathan in physical form. According to the early Ulreon Manuscript, the myth ends with a short poem:

Suddenly I heard a wide, thunderous roar and the sky cracked open. The Leviathan descended in gargantuan whale-like form and soared through ancient streets. Trailing its flight, trees bloomed back to life and ancient aqueducts became clean.

It is now that I understand The Leviathan is not the beast that we feared but the Great Gardener of Life, from which we draw vitality and can continue to move forward.

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