0x2A744 | Tomb of Zilst

Datapedia ID: 0x2A744

Zilst, The Caravan Builder, was born on Leviathan, but spent large portions of his life on Ouros with the other Sandwalker Spirits. Zilst’s tomb (which is built into the side of Mt Duskfire’s base) was also one of the stops made by Ambrenna ra’Syrese on his own legendary journey up the mountain on Leviathan.

Despite the intense rivalry between the four Sandwalker Spirits, they would come together for key rituals – The Passing being one. At a Sandwalker’s Passing, their body would be cremated and ashes mixed in with the sand throughout the tomb. They did this in the belief that their spirit would then live on infused with the tomb.

With this belief in mind, these Sandwalker burial sites would become quite grand and elaborate. As Zilst was also well respected in his hometown of Raluhde, many of the town’s top engineers and builders joined in the tomb’s construction.

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