RC-SOO-XVI-1 | Blacksand Beaches Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-1

Welcome to Season XVI of the Sands of Ouros Cup! This Racer Competition takes place on the desert planet Ouros. While for most of the year Ouros is peaceful, the end-of-year sandstorms have been known to shred transport ships out of the sky. The sands of Ouros are to be respected, and its spiritual fruits earned.

The first course of the Cup runs through the Blacksand Beaches where the ocean meets the desert, and the damp dark sands shimmer in the morning sun. Starting on the outskirts of Blacksand Port, pilots must race around bio-diverse rock pools and through the arch-shaped bones of a titanic eel.


PositionPilotRacer NamePlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1Sagitora DimoRed NeptuneArdune13:27.8
2RimionTelestar F-105Sanctuary13:28.2
3GambitVoid MagisterSanctuary13:30.4
4Treyn Ne-RulFusion AeronautPentura13:32.5
5Mara YndergaardFrosttoothAntarcticus13:38.6

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