RC-SOO-XVI-3 | Whitesands Night Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-3

The third race of the Sands of Ouros Cup is a night race weaving through the outskirt suburbs of Salanth, out into the open Whitesands and ending at the Shrine of Zadra. The Whitesands get their colour from the dust blown off the Sarajji Mountains to the north-west during sandstorms.

Being a night race, pilots and audience get to witness the full atmosphere of cloudless Ouros skies and its twin sapphire moons, Wendos and Dendora. The reflection of the moons’ glow on the white sand makes it look and feel as though you are gliding over an ocean of suspended crystal.

The final arc of the course guides Racers by torchlit obelisks to Zadra’s “resting” place: a fitting arrival to pay respects to one of the greatest Racer Pilots in IRF history.


PositionPilotRacerPlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1Vul-RamunElanyr’s Thunder Sigmir16:43.7
2Rejja Jherop PhantomOuros16:48.3
3Sagitora DimoRed NeptuneArdune16:52.2
4O-24 LeTHAva-77-DPzPyron17:01.8
5FiiloSilent HyenaOuros17:02.3

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