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  • RC-SOO-XVI-3 | Whitesands Night Race

    RC-SOO-XVI-3 | Whitesands Night Race

    Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-3 The third race of the Sands of Ouros Cup is a night race weaving through the outskirt suburbs of Salanth, out into the open Whitesands and ending at the Shrine of Zadra. The Whitesands get their colour from the dust blown off the Sarajji Mountains to the north-west during sandstorms. Being a…


  • 0x2A746 | radio_intercept

    0x2A746 | radio_intercept

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A746 RADIOLOG-10164: Radio intercepted from a Racer-class vehicle after an unofficial race on Ouros’ moon, Dendora. More information to come. _download: 17-0x2A746-radio_intercept.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…