0x2A763-ii | Mineborg Techroom

Datapedia ID: 0x2A763-ii

The backroom of Zen’s Workshop is something of an open secret. His cybernetics work raised the interests of the Illika Union many years ago and has become their primary partner for mine-worker augmentation. The Techroom itself is dimly lit, illuminated mainly by the orange and blue screens and LEDs for the job’s bespoke tools and robots.

The resulting “Mineborgs” are so severely altered that it is very uncommon for them to retain any family or social life outside of the mines, post-conversion. Instead, these workers enjoy huge paychecks and premium company housing. While the process (and lifetime commitment to Illika) is entirely opt-in, there have been some questions raised around the large number of migrant workers who have chosen to do so. One journalistic investigation, being conducted by Indege Leon, considered that large amounts of the Mineborg’s earnings were actually going back to their families outside of the mines, and that many of their visas were tied to their employment status. Unfortunately, the amount of evidence needed to support this story never materialised.

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