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The people of Salanth were shocked to hear about the tragic death of Rejja in a crash during the Graveyard of Ships race. He had been racing in the IRF championships before most of them were born. How someone with that much racing experience could be the only one to die in a race seemed so unlikely. Did something distract his focus?

There were rumours from spectators at the track that a strange Racer appeared for a short stretch of the track – that it looked like a shadowy and shivering ghost of the late Zadra Usova’s Sickle Hawk. It was right after this that they reported seeing Rejja’s shocked expression and his Jherop Phantom drive straight into a cliff-face. Though now was the time for mourning and not for conspiracy, and so these rumours were quickly forgotten.

Many people attended Rejja’s funeral at the Salanth Town Gardens. The town’s favourite historian, Serdon Mishka, shared stories of the famous friendships Rejja had made throughout the years – including his especially close friendship with Zadra. The end of the funeral was illuminated by setting off a dance of Firework Lilies and a performance of the Ourosian Racer’s Requiem.

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