0x2A727 | Forgotten Shrine in the Forest

Datapedia ID: 0x2A727

Deep within Rachel’s Weave, up on the west peak of Mount Reus, stands the ruins of an ancient chapel-shrine. The prevailing theory is that the shrine was built by the Ela civilization.

As the Ela had disappeared before recorded history on Leviathan, it is the engravings of the wreathed goddess motif on the shrine’s altar (which matches those found in other Elan archaeological sites) which gives credence to this theory.

While there is little debate that it was a place of worship, there is no credible evidence that it contained a path to the mythical City of Ela behind the altar as described in the Myth of Ios.

While there have been efforts to preserve the shrine, the remaining ruins have proved extremely fragile and are expected to sink completely into the soil in the coming decade.

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