0x2A763 | Zen’s Cyborg Workshop

Datapedia ID: 0x2A763

Zen is old, eccentric and much-loved across Ardune. Considered the top cybernetics engineer on the planet, he runs his program out of the same workshop that his career started in. Whether it is ocular transplant refocusing or neural booster-node retrieval, Zen and his apprentices make the job seem trivial.

There was a time when cybernetic human augmentation was considered “unnatural” and “disturbing” on Ardune. But once the more relatable of Ardune’s early adopters started using their cybernetics in day-to-day work and home life, acceptance swept through society in a slow wave.

The friendly atmosphere at Zen’s Workshop has also helped it become something of a hangout for regulars, including Toris Reed, Lilitha Reed, Susa Corta, and Nedo Syzp-Qoir.

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