RC-SOO-XVI-2 | The Vastness Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-2

Race 2 of this season’s Sands of Ouros cup takes place in the sprawling and seemingly infinite desert called “The Vastness” by the locals. Dunes rise and fall through these lands. If you look to the horizon, you may glint Mephora nomad encampments close to geological landmarks and crashed ships, but there is not much else.

Walking The Vastness by caravan is one of the trials taken by the Sandwalker Spirits on their pilgrimage towards Sandwalker Shrine. This endlessness that the Spirits train themselves against can quickly become a field of illusions created by one Sandwalker: Rena. The IRF has outlined the race route with holoflag checkpoints, but if a Racer pilot finds themselves manoeuvring around anything else, there is a good chance it was one of Rena’s manifestations designed to lead them astray.


PositionPilotRacer NamePlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1FiiloSilent HyenaOuros28:14.2
2Aster DelfinCloudrider Pentura31:55.3
3Rejja Jherop Phantom Ouros31:57.2
4Gambit Void Magister Sanctuary32:01.7
5Sagitora DimoRed NeptuneArdune32:02.1

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