0x2A736 | Dunam Magnarail Station

Datapedia ID: 0x2A736

Dunam is one of the larger colony districts in South Pentura, though it is dwarfed in size by Pentura City north of the equator. Few Dunami citizens have reason to visit the capital (other than the rare holiday they are able to afford there). Those who do make the daily commute are generally dual-citizen bureaucrats, ambassadors or journalists. Despite the lack of bustling you would see at other major stations, Dunam was designated Stop 12 on the Penturan Cycle line.

Even though the station always feels only half-full, the natural light coming through its archways and parallel windows creates a consistently warm and welcoming atmosphere. Having such fusion of Dunami and Penturan architecture is a rarity to find, especially one which blends this effectively. This atmosphere is only ever jolted for a brief second by the equally cool and cascading reflections of a Magnatrain flying through at 1280kmph.

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