0x2A740 | The Falling Palace

Datapedia ID: 0x2A740

The Falling Palace is an artificial floating platform housing the Royal Castle of Saphna and surrounding markets. It gets its name from the liquid style of architecture which draws inspiration from Saphna’s own endless rains. Its markets are open to the general public every Saturday. Otherwise, it is closed off and kept for the bureaucracy and certain esteemed individuals for the rest of the week.

The ruler of Saphna is Empress Fet, who is often seen with her pet Giant Sky Eel, Deluge. Fet’s rule has lasted more than 250 years at this point, as she is one of the rare individuals colloquially referred to as a Demi due to their extraordinary lifespan. Most people of Saphna have praised Fet for her beauty and empathy throughout her long reign, with songs about her becoming part of common culture.

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