0x2A75B | Pharos of Silent Lightning

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75B

A gigantic lighthouse, a pharos, stands watching the Great Coast on Sigmir. As the stormy planet has no liquid seas, but rather swirling oceans of clouds, the ships it surveys range from those diving in from space to the Cloudcrawlers which emerge from below.

The Pharos itself is built from huge pillars of claystone from when Sigmir civilisation was still pre-space, but it has stood the test of time. The fact it has never weathered or needed any major repairs speaks to the architectural genius of Sigmir tradition, and also possibly to the fact the Pharos is still considered a place of religious significance today.

Aside from the small ministry, only a handful of dedicated Sigmir public have made the full pilgrimage to the open temple at the top of the Pharos to pray to Elanyr. As the building itself is 80 floors high and the intensity of static in the air increases upwards, it can take a toll on the psyche of those not prepared. Perhaps the biggest mainstream link to the Pharos is Vul-Ramun, an ex-priest of the Pharos, who decided to become an IRF Pilot after receiving a striking vision from the goddess on floor 80.

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