0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

Datapedia ID: 0x2A748

The micro-planet Sanctuary got its name after it was originally settled as a safe-haven from the displaced Indigenous peoples of Ardune. Under their leadership of Faeru zun Nabul it looked to be a healthy restart after the First Ardunian’s tragic refugeeship.

Unfortunately, the swirling black swamps on Sanctuary are host to a diversity of cut-throat life – many of it in forms that we would hardly recognize as life at all. Entities named Echoes (as their “bodies” are made purely of sound waves) drift through the swamplands and, if provoked, can create mini thunderclaps, causing humans to lose hearing, sight and touch sensitivity for weeks.

Due to this aggressive ecosystem, Sanctuary has not yet flourished as a civilization, but remains a kind of outland where seasoned individuals, such as treasure hunters, tend to survive longer than societies.

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