Tag: Obscure Lifeforms

  • 0x2A760 | Digital Wisp Corridor

    0x2A760 | Digital Wisp Corridor

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A760 Within the Red Moon Quarry is a series of passageways leading to the Datastream Terminals. Ageing infrastructure struggles to fully contain the very-high-energy communications streams, and so on the rare occasion miners have reported witnessing flickering blue lifeforms gliding through the air. After years of dismissed folk-tales, Ardunian scientists were finally able…


  • 0x2A75B-ii | Reactor under the Pharos

    0x2A75B-ii | Reactor under the Pharos

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A75B-ii The Colossus Project requires enormous amounts of energy to sustain its research and development. One of Sigmir’s more secretive projects is the huge reactor facility built beneath the Pharos of Silent Lightning. The general public would never have greenlit the project given the Pharos’ religious significance, but to the more atheistic minds…


  • RC-CRS-I-1 | Septr

    RC-CRS-I-1 | Septr

    Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-1 First location named in Aster Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:“Septr: Blue-purple dwarf moon floating without a parent. Hollow mountains and deep atmosphere which makes it look like it’s always late dusk. Perfect cruise for clearing your head.” As Delfin’s racing career progressed, he became something of a media personality giving the public an insight…


  • 0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A748 The micro-planet Sanctuary got its name after it was originally settled as a safe-haven from the displaced Indigenous peoples of Ardune. Under their leadership of Faeru zun Nabul it looked to be a healthy restart after the First Ardunian’s tragic refugeeship. Unfortunately, the swirling black swamps on Sanctuary are host to a…