RC-CRS-I-1 | Septr

Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-1

First location named in Aster Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:
“Septr: Blue-purple dwarf moon floating without a parent. Hollow mountains and deep atmosphere which makes it look like it’s always late dusk. Perfect cruise for clearing your head.”

As Delfin’s racing career progressed, he became something of a media personality giving the public an insight into his experiences as a Racer Pilot. While the independent publishing of his videos and writings gave him a lot of room for honest disclosure, he did often find his racing career in question for being too outspoken, too often, on IRF practices he disagreed with. The popularity of his Cruise Diaries series was the exception – with both Delfin and the IRF agreeing to put politics aside for an official publication and promotion.

The dwarf moon mentioned in this first entry did actually baffle planetary physicists for a long time. It was only years after Delfin’s diary first brought mainstream awareness of it that a team of astrophysicists at Pentura University discovered that Septr was seemingly changing its mass, and thus gravitational pull, to slingshot itself around different planets, but always remain inside the system, forever roaming The Weave.

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