0x2A760 | Digital Wisp Corridor

Datapedia ID: 0x2A760

Within the Red Moon Quarry is a series of passageways leading to the Datastream Terminals. Ageing infrastructure struggles to fully contain the very-high-energy communications streams, and so on the rare occasion miners have reported witnessing flickering blue lifeforms gliding through the air. After years of dismissed folk-tales, Ardunian scientists were finally able to video a small group of the wisps. Further analysis revealed that rather than being constructed of cells and carbon like most life forms we are aware of, their makeup is of cycling electromagnetic waves, flickering in a binary back-and-force.

Now that the original stories are taken more seriously, we can extrapolate that they are never aggressive, nor pay much attention to the humans walking through. They simply play amongst each other, and drift in and out of our known existence. However, it is recommended that miners keep any electronic devices shielded while walking through. At least two known stories accuse the wisps of absorbing themselves into the miner’s digital watches.

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