0x2A75B-ii | Reactor under the Pharos

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75B-ii

The Colossus Project requires enormous amounts of energy to sustain its research and development. One of Sigmir’s more secretive projects is the huge reactor facility built beneath the Pharos of Silent Lightning. The general public would never have greenlit the project given the Pharos’ religious significance, but to the more atheistic minds in government and intelligence agencies, its highly charged atmosphere makes the perfect location.

This reactor comprises an array of large spinning electromagnetic rings keeping the core of antimatter fusion safely contained. Being among the first facilities in The Weave to breach such high levels of contained energy, it was also one of the first locations that observed manifestations of Half-Phased Entities. Still little is known about the phenomenon, but their glowing human-like silhouettes and shuffled movement, similar to the reactor’s own scientists, suggests a complex sentience of some kind.

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