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  • 0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    0x2A748 | Forbidden Swamps of Sanctuary

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A748 The micro-planet Sanctuary got its name after it was originally settled as a safe-haven from the displaced Indigenous peoples of Ardune. Under their leadership of Faeru zun Nabul it looked to be a healthy restart after the First Ardunian’s tragic refugeeship. Unfortunately, the swirling black swamps on Sanctuary are host to a…


  • 0x2A73A | [discovery_fragment]

    0x2A73A | [discovery_fragment]

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A73A [²⁰⁵⁷] said that the Ashfall Mountain was the last safe space left on Sanctuary [₄₆₂₈] ERR[028]:ENTRY_INCOMPLETE _download: 20-0x2A73A-discovery_fragment.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…