0x2A757-PRL | Carthium Mines

Datapedia ID: 0x2A757-PRL

While there is no actual mining of raw minerals in virtual platforms such as the //PRL, certain automated background processes have a tendency to manifest visually and become observable by the platform’s citizens. It turned out it wasn’t feasible to patch these manifestations outright, and so the //PRL developers implemented a secondary process which translated the manifested visuals into something that a human mind could comprehend more easily.

One notable example is the Carthium Mines process, which will appear in several different locations across the map simultaneously. While people can enter from any of these locations, they will witness the images of all other fellow explorers inside, regardless of which point they entered from. It is generally 2-3 days after initial manifestation that the Carthium Mines disappear once again.

_download: 0x2A757-PRL-Carthium-Mines.wav
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