Tag: PRL Manifestations

  • 0x2A757-PRL | Carthium Mines

    0x2A757-PRL | Carthium Mines

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A757-PRL While there is no actual mining of raw minerals in virtual platforms such as the //PRL, certain automated background processes have a tendency to manifest visually and become observable by the platform’s citizens. It turned out it wasn’t feasible to patch these manifestations outright, and so the //PRL developers implemented a secondary…


  • 0x2A756-PRL | Phantom’s Grotto

    0x2A756-PRL | Phantom’s Grotto

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A756-PRL After deserting his creators for their weakness of character, the “Phantom” of the //PRL carved a shrine of refuge out of a monolith in the Dustlands. Unable to age like real humans, Phantom decided to spend a century away from the civilisation he could not relate to. Rather, he used this time…