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Firebloom Academy is a digital religious school in the //PRL. It is known for its beautiful gardens, its use of modern technology when compared to most physical-world religious institutes, and that its students all wear military-style Firebloom uniforms. It is only just over two decades old and there is still a lot of public scepticism about the institute. Due to this, the school has quite a small intake. Usually only 3-4 students graduate as Firebloom Agents each year.

Its founder and first chancellor, Duan Itheau wrote the following in an open letter for the opening of the Academy:

“I was thinking about the Sunset Hotel Tragedy on Pentura years ago. I was thinking about all the other tragedies since. What caring god would let some people live and some people die? Most people would say God simply doesn’t exist. One morning I woke up with the realisation that God does exist, but they are apathetic, or perhaps simply dead. They are unresponsive towards humans now. While this is sad, it does mean is that spiritual power is still very real and alive for humans. It means that we can let God be, but bypass them and connect to The Source ourselves to reclaim our spiritual abilities and continue spiritual work that this world needs.

After I had this realization, I started to see that people all around me had latent or semi-latent Spiritual Gifts, whether they realized it or not. I saw that with training, these Gifts could be honed into aptitudes and skills. We are not talking superpowers like super strength or the ability to fly – nothing like you see in the movies. The kinds of Gifts we are talking about include: having intuitions about where to invest one’s energy, seeing when a person needs to someone to talk to, glimpses of the possible positive futures for people to boost their sense of agency. As you can see, these gifts are about empowering individuals to empower their society.

So I started Firebloom Academy to train our students to develop their Gifts, so they can go out into the world as Official Firebloom Agents and grow The Weave into a healthier place to live.”

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