RC-SOO-XVI-5 | Sandwalker Crater Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-5

The road through the Dust Tunnel bore into the side of the Sarajji Mountains comes out to a large open cradle nested by the mountains. At the centre of this cradle is a huge crater from a meteoric impact ten thousand years ago. According to legend, this meteor hit Ouros as a result of the actions of the first Sandwalkers and it is considered a blessing.

Race 5 takes place as a circuit through Sandwalker Crater’s surface, through the tunnels underneath, and through the rotating platforms of the temple built on top. While you might think that the temple of the planet’s central religion would be too sacred to enter, it is the Sandwalkers themselves who offered it up to the IRF for races. They said it is the pilgrimage itself which is sacred rather than any monument, and the exposure and excitement from the races there will help the people of The Weave know and celebrate the Sandwalker tradition.


PositionPilotRacer NamePlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1Aster DelfinCloudriderPentura14:22.3
2Sagitora DimoRed NeptuneArdune14:25.2
3Dr Herry AdlerJudge’s HammerPentura14:25.5
4Uma ClawThornfistSaphna14:25.7
5O-24 LeTHAva-77-DPzPyron14:32.2

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