0x2A737 | Shoji Satellite

Datapedia ID: 0x2A737

The Shoji Satellite Markets, which are run from the lower deck of the satellite, are considered an essential market for any Racer pilot. It draws pilots, mechanics, merchants and corporations to buy and sell anything from small parts to entire Racers. Officially, the markets only accept Racer Credits, an official IRF limited supply digital currency which can only be earned through winning races. The interior walls of the satellite are inscribed with the Shoji dynasty’s signature coral motif and holograms of live races play throughout each room.

The upper deck is off-limits to the general public as it the administrative headquarters for the woman known colloquially as “The Architect”. Being CEO of the Interstellar Racer Federation, as well as the current leader of the Shoji dynasty, The Architect is silent about her other projects. Though there are rumours abound about both corruption and philanthropy surrounding her, she doesn’t seem to mind.

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