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Datapedia ID: 0x2A730-ii

Ishak Tail is best known as pilot of Lumina Podsnake in the IRF League One. Though he also happens to be Second-Brother at the Helix Seacaves Lab. Being part of the first generation of Helixites born on Azurus rather than migrating from Saphna, he sees the ocean planet as his home. His only real glimpses of Saphna have been from his races there; though as he gets older, he tries to spend more time between events exploring the planet in an effort to connect with his heritage.

Lumina Podsnake is a customized Helix research pod. The segmented snake-like structure helps to navigate the winding Seacaves and avoid impact damage. Ishak’s version has traded in its grasping arms for aerodynamic turning sails. After it was equipped with Zed ToQ-44w anti-gravity framework its weight had to be significantly reduced, and so all but the 3 core segments of its body were removed. Ishak decided to keep the deep-sea lighting system for racing spectacle and tied the whole look together with a slick yellow stripe down its spine.

Ishak’s archrival in League One is the mysterious and dazzling Mirrorman. Both claim to have come from Azurus, though neither have revealed why there is a tension between them.

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