0x2A764 | Deadlands Forest Shrine

Datapedia ID: 0x2A764

Ardune is not known for its vibrant flora. Perhaps the Deadlands especially reflect this, where moistureless air makes it very hard for anything to grow. Yet, one species of Stonetree does seem to survive throughout the area, defying current understanding of plants’ need for hydration. Without the nutrients available of other locations, the Deadlands Forest stands still, leaveless, and grey.

In the north-west of the forest is a very small shrine made from the wood of the Deadlands Stonetrees. There are conflicting stories about who built it, but all agree it has been there for hundreds of years. A tradition emerged (possibly with the shrine), where the rare traveler to the Deadlands empties one full bottle of water into the shrine’s bowl, and then takes a small drink back from it. It is said that the bowled water is imbued with a magic that keeps the traveler hydrated throughout the rest of the Deadlands.

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