0x2A726 | Orion’s Geology Workshop

Datapedia ID: 0x2A726

Megira Orion appears in much of Leviathan’s recorded history as his expertise in geology helped forge a strong relationship with Matriarch Patria of the Sun Cave Village, and his wind-powered precursors to today’s Racers were what kicked off the Orion Wind Cup in Leviathan’s Windfields in the south.

Perhaps his most famous appearance is a mythical one – his workshop being a key location in the Myth of Ios, where he gave Ios a backpack glider which was later used in the encounter with the Leviathan.

The workshop still stands cradled between the Shimmering Sands and Rachel’s Weave in the north-east corner of the Sul-Ra Plains. Today it is a popular tourist destination, despite the fact that Orion was historically known for being flighty and quickly moved on from the location.