0x2A722 | Rachel’s Weave

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The dense forest that grows from Lake Aria’s south side is called Rachel’s Weave, named after a well known folk-tale of the area.

In this tale a young woman, named Rachel, went to search for her lost lover who had been exiled to the forest after her village had rejected their relationship. Knowing well that many explorers never found their way back out of the forest, Rachel decided to weave a long white ribbon through the path of trees that she passed, so that her and her lover could follow it back out.

Though different versions of the tale have a variety of more and less fortunate endings. the romance of the story still caught fire in the imagination of many of the young women in the surrounding villages.

Because of this, it is impossible to know whether any of the white ribbons found woven into the forest today are the original from Rachel, or rather from the countless copycats over the centuries trying to recapture her story and romance.

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