RC-SOO-XVI-4 | Graveyard of Ships Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-4

The fourth race of the Sands of Ouros Cup (Season XIV) takes place in what was known as Ekka’s Teeth long ago. This old name came from the harsh rockforms piercing out of the ground towards the sky and its providence under Sandwalker Ekka (also called The Bone Collector).

Many ships have crashed here over the years have remains spread through this area, including those of The Pentallon, the huge Relatech Industrial city builder. The gargantuan coloniser was invited to Ouros by Yula XXVII, The Corrupt Lantern, but shredded out of the sky by one of Ekka’s sandstorms. These days, people simply call the location the Graveyard of Ships.

The Mephora followers of Ekka in the region salvage the wreckage and rework it into mechatronically animated sculptures and sandstorm machines. The result is a hazardous labyrinth of rock, metal and artificially created sandstorms.


There are reports that Rejja (Jherop Phantom | Ouros) was involved in a high-speed crash during the race. Further information to come. The IRF is also reviewing footage after rumours that a 31st Racer was seen for a stretch of the race.


PositionPilotRacer NamePlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1FiiloSilent HyenaOuros21:06.7
2GambitVoid MagisterSanctuary21:07.2
3VyTimekeeper PHIThe Asteroid Chronos21:09.3
4Uma ClawThornfistSaphna21:13.4
5O-24 LeTHAva-77-DPzPyron21:14.2

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