RC-CRS-I-4 | Solar Grove

Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-4 

Fourth location listed in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:

“Solar Grove: Deep inside the Navigor Jungle on Gardenia is an open grove. Though the circuit around its perimeter is small, it is still a great cruising option if you’re ever on the planet. While there is some small scale research in the fields there, it is almost invisible compared to the huge labs and greenhouses on the rest of the planet.”

The Solar Grove was never officially named, but as a small dispatch of Helix scientists realized that the grove itself and interlocking fields would make a great place for studying solar patterns, they configured an array of portable solar panels throughout. The temporary solution worked well enough that it become something of a permanent fixture there. Even though the original Helix team completed their research and moved on, they left the array open and configured for other science teams to operate if beneficial.

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