0x2A754-PRL | Cricket Garden

Datapedia ID: 0x2A754-PRL

The creatures that roam the //PRL are actually source-transparent AI, and so anyone can theoretically copy, refine and extend them. While there have been a few incidents of malicious actors trying to create bioweapons out of them, the open-code nature means that the overwhelming majority can develop disarming patches to return the //PRL ecosphere to a peaceful state.

The Cricket Garden is a small project started by an 8 year old boy with nothing more than a passion for crickets. His early attempts at programming them into the //PRL resulted in basic skittering shapes, nothing more. Fortunately his garden evoked a nostalgic zen with a number of experienced engineers, who have since developed the Cricket Garden further. With their effort, the garden has become a sacred space of respite and playful creation.

_download: 0x2A754-PRL-Cricket-Garden.wav
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