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  • 0x2A754-ii-PRL | Cricket Garden (Page 2)

    0x2A754-ii-PRL | Cricket Garden (Page 2)

    The //PRL influences creations in the physical world, as much as the other way around. For example, the Cricket Garden caught the eye of one of The Weave’s most established concert pianists, Lyna Wish. So inspired by what she called the “Magic Dance of the Crickets,” she wrote an entire symphony of the same name.…


  • 0x2A754-PRL | Cricket Garden

    0x2A754-PRL | Cricket Garden

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A754-PRL The creatures that roam the //PRL are actually source-transparent AI, and so anyone can theoretically copy, refine and extend them. While there have been a few incidents of malicious actors trying to create bioweapons out of them, the open-code nature means that the overwhelming majority can develop disarming patches to return the…


  • 0x2A752-PRL | David’s Hill

    0x2A752-PRL | David’s Hill

    Datapedia ID: 0x2A752-PRL On a small green hill in the Valley of Memories, a grave sits under a tree with the name David on it. No other information is known. _download: 0x2A752-PRL-Davids-Hill.wav_music-license: public-domain / cc0…