0x2A747-ii | Hyperway Station Construction Zone (Page 2)

Datapedia ID: 0x2A747-ii

While the site is still under construction and officially off-bounds, it is a favourite for unofficial races between rival Racer pilots. Corridors of huge spiralling fusion turbines provide expert-level obstacles. The station’s neon-lined circuit-like structure can make you wonder if the Relatech architects built a capacity for racing into its design so it could be used, eventually, for official IRF events.

The unofficial races (often called “Shadow Races” colloquially) are much smaller than the standard 30-vehicle IRF competitions. As there are no standards, or even a hint of a governing body, the number of Racers can vary in Shadow Races depending on location. Here, in the Hyperway Station, you can expect to see between 2-7 Racers – not that you should officially find yourself there at all.

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