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Thank you for exploring the Datapedia. We usually wouldn’t put a personal entry in here, but it sincerely means the world to us that you have taken the time to explore The Weave with us.

In some ways the Datapedia was inevitable as it is the culmination of everything that the Threadwalkers are all about. Even though we are no longer officially sponsored by Pentura University, all of our founding members did originate from the History and Cultural Studies departments, and we would still like to thank the university for helping us get this project off the ground.

While our current base of operations is the humble back office of the Threadwalker Tour Club in West Pentura, we really don’t need more. What we need, and what we have, is an infinitely open and exciting universe to explore and interested explorers joining us each day.And to all of our readers – whether Threadwalker or not: we promise to share our discoveries with you – scenes from the life-giving fires of Loom to the digital trade-networks hosted on the third moon of Antarcticus (and yes, we will definitely be covering the Interstellar Racer Federation Championships as they happen).

Be sure to keep checking in as it is our goal to find and share new discoveries from The Weave with you every day!

Warmest thanks, Isaac Minn Dho, Co-Chief Editor

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