RC-SOO-XVI-6 | Botanic Fields Race

Datapedia ID: RC-SOO-XVI-6

Beyond the Graveyard of Ships, tucked away in rarely touched desert hill-lands, is a lush oasis called The Botanic Fields. While this level of vegetation shouldn’t exist on an arid planet such as Ouros, it is thanks to the research and transplantation from Gardenia that have created a hardy seed that thrives among the sands. The modified grasses are currently geo-fenced by DNA design so it doesn’t spread as a weed on the planet.

The final race of the Sands of Ouros Cup (Season XIV) takes place in the Botanic Fields, swerving through green-blue palms, red-to-green gradients of engineered grass and the red-rust monitoring outposts that keep it all healthy. A rich water pool at its centre reaches out through streams in all directions. As the heat of the sun is cooled by the oasis’ running water, this final race is a refreshing one.


PositionPilotRacer NamePlanet of OriginTime (Min:Sec)
1The Midnight LilySilver LotusGardenia11:25:6
2RimionTelestar F-105Sanctuary11:29.9
3Aster DelfinCloudriderPentura11:32.1
4MirrormanBlaze ShuttleAzurus11:34.6
5Sagitora DimoRed NeptuneArdune11:35.2