0x2A738-ii | Threadwalkers Tour Club (Page 2)

Datapedia ID: 0x2A738-ii

When the Threadwalkers first established their own interstellar radio network, the first message broadcast from the HQ at the Tour Club on Pentura said the following:

Hello fellow Threadwalkers!

If you are hearing this, then our new Interstellar Radio Network is live! This will make it possible for us to share the discoveries we find from even deeper and wider throughout The Weave.

Also as our first announcement, I am sharing that the Datapedia will be switching to releasing discoveries every second day instead of the every day we have been doing. This is to give you more time to collect and develop quality discoveries and to give each of our releases more time to “breath” for our audience. Everything else will continue as normal.

Many thanks and looking forward to what you find!


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