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Shoji IV (also known as “The Architect,” or simply “Shoji”) is the CEO of the Interstellar Racer Federation (IRF).

She inherited the IRF and the Shoji dynasty at 9 years old when her family (including her father, Shoji III) were killed in the Sunset Hotel Tragedy on Pentura, when a transport barge from Sanctuary fell into the side of the hotel. Of her family, the other hotel patrons, the barge pilots, and the refugees hidden on board the barge, Shoji was miraculously the only one to survive.

She has only discussed the tragedy once in a legendary interview with Syn Dalos at The Penturan Scout. When Dalos asked about the conspiracy theory that she was somehow the one who caused the tragedy, Shoji remained level-headed and responded that it would make no sense to cause herself the pain of being cut off from her heritage and her parents at such an early age. She revealed that she had an image of the tragedy flash into her mind a couple hours before it occurred, and that maybe she survived because she was the only one ready for it.

In the final article, Dalos implied a connection between this supposed occurrence of pre-cognition and the continual success she has gained since – success which has earned her the title of The Architect. Strangely, no interviewer since has asked about that theory or the tragedy: when they seem close, The Architect always has the right words ready to steer the conversation to her design.

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