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The main gardener at the Salanth Town Gardens was a man named Rejja. He was quiet, polite, and yet a determined older man. Despite his age, he also raced in the IRF with his Racer: Jherop Phantom. While he never won a championship, he was considered genuine competition for the other pilots. Interestingly, there are no records about when Rejja was born or any documentation about his childhood. Any oral recollections of him only mention him in late adulthood onwards. Most Salanthians remember him as always being “old Rejja.”

Jherop Phantom is modelled after the Caravan of Zilst, the Sandwalker. Some consider this heretical, especially for an Ourosian – though Rejja is adamant that it is a converted version of a gift vehicle he received long ago. The Phantom’s passenger core is dome-shaped and polygonal. The rest of the components (including the pilot node and the thrusters) sit on a magnetic rotating frame. This way, when the pilot turns the Racer the core does not, and passengers remain relaxed and unaware. Custom miniature solar sails and windmills installed by Rejja himself enable Jherop Phantom to hit Racer-worthy speeds.

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