0x2A75C | Seasweeper2 Observation Pod

Datapedia ID: 0x2A75C

Sigmir’s cloud oceans are filled with mysteries. As technology evolved on the planet, small submarine type vehicles emerged, called Cloudcrawlers, with the single purpose of exploring these mysteries.

The Seasweeper line of crawlers are developed by Rejid Engineering, a small team of generational engineers. These vehicles were designed explicitly for observing and recording data about the lifeforms that drift about the bottom of the ocean (though whether the bottom of Sigmir’s cloud ocean has been discovered is always a contentious topic).

Seasweeper2 has had remarkably more success than the first make. With only room enough for one pilot enclosed in the capsule of computing hardware, it goes out for two days at a time. While it would sound boring for many people, in reality the pilots come back calling the experience “meditative,” “surreal,” and “beautiful.”

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