RC-CRS-I-3 | Orange Avenue

Datapedia ID: RC-CRS-I-3

Third location listed in Delfin’s Cruise Diaries:

“Orange Avenue: Long stretch of vibrant market in Saphna’s capital. The name comes from the orange outfits that all the vendors on this specific stretch wear. Slow cruising along the main stretch there is great. Even though it always raining on Saphna, this place feels like an eternal sunshower. I make sure to drive it every time I’m on the planet.”

Saphna’s Royal Markets are sprawling and diverse. Each market District has its own colour-code and each vendor flags their District Colour with great loyalty. The long-standing tradition started out as friendly competition amongst a small handful of vendors in the same market union, but has since grown into a globally recognized competition. Such is its success that sporting teams, merchandise, and occasionally even political parties officially match their colours to their chosen District.

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